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"I prefer some originality to all of my nicknames. ‘Speckles’ won’t cut it, honey." 

I finally got around to draw a headshot of Callum the way I’ve always wanted to draw it. I’ve never really had the patience to design the pattern of his skin until now, which is a disgrace, really. He’s probably one of my characters with the most interesting appearance, to be honest. It’s also nice to have a character who’s not ashamed of his looks even though he doesn’t really fit into the crowd, so to speak. His confidence can actually be a pain in the ass sometimes, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. 

I like this charming and poker-playing semi-alcoholic and all of his whitty comments. Call me crazy.

pukakke спросил(a)
summer!! i love what you did with your hair!! do you have any other (hidden) body modifications? what adventures do you go on in your dimension? (sorry my computer crapped out, i wasnt sure if my first ask sent ;w; love your art)


Well… I’m appearantly the ‘morty’ of my universe? My brother is still at home with mom and dad. I usually end up going on missions with Grandpa. They’re…. interesting, to say the least.